Head mounted virtual reality devices have an enormous potential to provide non-destructive immersive experiences for visitors to archaeological sites and museums as well as for researchers and educators. By creating a model that suggests an anastylosis of a building, the user can simply put on a headset and view the streetscape and its suggested reconstruction.

VR simulations are a much cheaper and more flexible solution than on-site physical reconstruction. Of course, necessary checks and measures are important to signify what is certain and what is guesswork, and as such, Lithodomos adheres to section 2.4 of the ICOMOS Charter for the Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites.

By using photogrammetry, texturing and mesh modelling, Lithodomos VR creates immersive experiences of the Greek and Roman worlds for viewing on Virtual Reality Head Mounted devices, for example: the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and many others. Unlike many VR content creators, our point of difference is that we specialse in VR content for the Greek and Roman worlds. Our reconstructions stem from years of research and firsthand knowledge, and they reflect the best academic practices to ensure that the end product is both as accurate as can be possible and informative for the viewer.

Simon Young profile photo

Simon Young

Co-Founder and CEO

(MA Classical Archaeology)

Simon is a PhD researcher at the University of Melbourne, and is a member of the Transformative Technologies Research Unit. Trained as a Classical archaeologist, Simon’s research is in the field of the emergence of Hellenistic style poleis in Asia Minor from the 2nd century BC to the Roman Imperial period. He especially focusses his research on: city planning, building types and their evolution, questions of social identity and the difficulties in defining ancient identity. He also actively engages with 3D technology, its applications to archaeology through the use of photogrammetry, 3D printing, as well as developing virtual reality environments using the Oculus Rift platform. He is excited about bringing the ancient world back to life with Lithodomos VR. He is also a member of the Aspendos archaeological project.


Tony Simmons profile photo

Tony Simmons

Co-Founder and COO

Tony is an entrepreneur who focusses on fast growth software and technology businesses that deliver outstanding value and results for clients. Tony started his career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, focussing on new ventures for both Telstra and British Telecom. He then founded a global telco software company that was acquired by an ASX listed company, saving his clients hundreds of millions of dollars over a decade. Tony’s projects have been awarded Best Software Product and Product Excellence in the 2015 Australian Business Awards. As Lithodomos VR’s COO, Tony is excited by the company’s potential to revolutionise the way we connect to the ancient world.


Dr. M. Hamdi Kan profile photo

Dr. M. Hamdi Kan


(PhD Archaeology, M.Sc. Classical Archaeology)

As an archaeologist, M. Hamdi Kan is specialized in two main subjects of Hellenistic Architecture (domestic buildings, masonry, ancient engineering and urbanism) and the Late Bronze Age of Western Anatolia. He believes that archaeology should rely on emerging technological applications for both data production and documentation, as traditional methods are no longer satisfying nor productive. He has implemented 3D modeling, animation and photogrammetry methods in archaeological field work since 2002. M. Hamdi Kan is also an author, penciler and inker with four published novels and a digital comics project that was released in 2016. Therefore, he also applies his experiences in visual and creative arts to Lithodomos.


Toby Tremayne profile photo

Toby Tremayne


Toby has architected and developed enterprise software for over 20 years, across industries as diverse as logistics, financial planning, entertainment and health. As a devotee of VR and online worlds since the early 90’s, Toby dived headlong into the latest emergence of VR and AR and is passionate about pushing the technology and developing brand new ways to experience both the ancient world and the new.


Sara Díaz Ramos profile photo

Sara Díaz Ramos


Advanced Diploma in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Sara has worked professionally as an archaeologist over the last 15 years as well as pursuing academic research projects. Her specialty lies in the conservation of archaeological heritage, and has led rescue digs in Málaga, Spain. In Italy, Sara carried out fieldwork for her doctoral thesis in the excavations at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, and spent considerable time in Italy when she was a student. Her main interest lies in the development of ancient buildings beyond the moment of the original construction. Accordingly, this has brought about a keen interest in research techniques, such as the archaeology of architecture or the laboratory analysis of mortar. Sara has also collaborated in the publication of two travel guides and is trained in underwater archaeology.


Dr. Jarrad William Paul profile photo

Dr. Jarrad William Paul

Research Assistant

BA (Hons) Ancient World Studies

Jarrad is a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and a trained archaeologist. He has excavated and researched domestically and internationally in Turkey, the Republic of Georgia and Greece. For his thesis, Jarrad created an extensive database and recorded large quantities of digital images and illustrations from sites across northwest and western Turkey. This systematic approach to research has led to international presentations and collaboration.


Ulli Maas profile photo

Ulli (Ulrike) Maas

MA Business Administration

International TourismManager

With a career spanning two decades across two continents, Ulli possesses an exhaustive knowledge of the tourism industry. An intrepid explorer herself, Ulli has sampled and developed a number of tourism products and understands the joy of bringing authentic experiences to the passionate traveller. Lithodomos VR is the perfect medium to make cultural tourism accessible through virtual reality.


Bernardo Iraci profile photo

Bernardo Iraci

3D Artist

Bernardo is a self taught 3D graphic artist. After earning a degree in Economics he cultivated his passion for animation, learning various aspects of 3D technology. He is comfortable with a wide range of disciplines within 3D content creation, and his passion for technology helps him to learn new ways and techniques to create 3D content and animations for Lithodomos VR. He immediately became enthusiastic about Lithodomos VR and the quest to allow us relive the emotion of standing in the middle of breath taking ancient structures in their full former glory.


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Meysam Gharib Khani profile photo

Meysam Gharib Khani

3D Artist

BA. In Animation, Diploma of Business management

Meysam has been a 3D Artist for more than seven years, working on architectural projects and video games. He has been involved in creation of a few game titles such as F1 series, DiRT Rally, and Grid 2. He believes virtual reality will be the future and is more than happy to dive into the industry with Lithodmos VR. Meysam feels that bringing back old empires and cities to life is an amazing opportunity.


João Paulo Lacerda profile photo

João Paulo Lacerda

3D Artist

João Paulo has a degree in IT and is a 3D generalist. During his professional career he has learned about every step of animated movie production but his passion lies in the modeling of organic and non-organic objects and characters. He has also participated in many game projects as art director at Hot Potato Games Studio, and as 3D artist at Level Up academy. He loves virtual reality and believes that reconstructing elements of the past as part of LVR’s team is primarily a great opportunity in itself, but also a great source of learning and culture for everyone.


Marc Pérez Bernús profile photo

Marc Pérez Bernús


Marc is an electronic engineering student and has a passion for emerging technologies coupled with a strong drive for business. He is excited to be part of the Lithodomos VR journey as it represents a mix of the ancient world and the incredible potential for the future. Marc is always ready to share his excitement about Lithdomos VR with prospective partners.


Alex Rose profile photo

Alex Rose

Marketing Director

With a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Alex understands new technology on a technical level and is excited by the potential of virtual reality. He is passionate about all things marketing and loves helping businesses grow. To him, Lithodomos VR means a revolution in the way people learn about the ancient world.


Mitchell Schwartz profile photo

Mitchell Schwartz

Marketing Coordinator

As marketing coordinator Mitchell works to connect the capabilities of our company with the organisations that can best benefit from them. Mitchell uses his marketing experience and expertise to help clients understand the possibilities that this new and innovative technology can bring. His passion for marketing is perfectly matched by his passion for technology, helping virtual reality to continue its rapid growth and integration into society.


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