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Our team will ensure a quick, simple and easy implementation of virtual reality content to enrich your organisation. Find out how you can implement Lithodomos VR for zero upfront cost.

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Make your museum or gallery accessible to everyone. Share your works globally and inspire a new generation of visitors. Enable people to view artefacts and items at a closer range than usual. Create a level of immersion and intimacy and tell complete stories.


Government has a role to promote its country and to curate its cultural heritage. We use virtual reality to allow you to engage with those visitors who have journeyed to your shores, and entice new visitors from far flung places.


Virtual reality has limitless potential to enhance your teaching of the ancient world. In one class period, take your students from one ancient site to another and from one archaeological period to another.

Tour Operators

As a tour operator you want to provide your customers with the experience of a lifetime and create new sources of revenue. A virtual environment adds a new layer of authority to a tour and showcases the essence of the subject matter.

Lithodomos VR’s innovative work with VR technology is the future of tourism, allowing people to experience realistic reconstructions of ancient sites while on location. This virtual immersion into the past offers a richer, embodied understanding of a world that once was — an experience which has been impossible… until now.

Professor Angela Ndalianis

Professor in Screen Studies, The University of Melbourne

Be a part of the future.

Find out how your organisation can implement Lithodomos VR for zero upfront cost.

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