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Lithdomos VR experiences can transform your visitor’s experience on site, in your museum or from their home.

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“Virtual reality that is firmly based in archaeological reality”


Museums and galleries are attracting more visitors from new demographics with engaging VR content-driven exhibitions.

Make your museum or gallery accessible to every person on earth.

Share your works globally and inspire a new generation of visitors.

Enable people to view artefacts and items at a closer range than usual, create a level of immersion and intimacy and tell complete stories.



The tourism industry is vital for almost every government. Government has a role to promote its country and to curate its cultural heritage.

We use virtual reality to allow you to engage with those visitors who have journeyed to your shores, and entice new visitors from far flung places.


Virtual reality has almost limitless potential to enhance your teaching of the ancient world. Private and public universities, schools and libraries all over the world can educate their students and citizens with VR-based content. In one class period, take your students from one ancient site to another and from one archaeological period to another.

Tour Operators

As a tour operator you want to provide your customers with the experience of a lifetime and create new sources of revenue.

Virtual reality tours immerse you in your surroundings, enhance your experience and enable a new medium to deliver untold stories.

A virtual environment adds a new layer of authority to a tour and showcases the essence of the subject matter.

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