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The Temple of Venus and Rome

The Temple of Venus and Rome was the largest of its kind erected in Rome, consecrated in 121 AD. Positioned on the north side of the Via Sacra, this impressive structure is said to be originally designed by Emperor Hadrian himself (Cass. Dio. Hist. 69.4) acting as a hinge between old and new sections of the city. The temple was decastyle (22 columns at each side) of Corinthian style, dipteral (two rows of columns in all façades), systyle (columns two diameters apart), and amphiprostyle (free standing columns in the pronaos). The structure measures 113 x 56 m in plan and around 30 m high.

It had a back to back cella under a single roof, raised by five steps and composed by a double line of white marble Cornithian fluted columns. The entablature (made from Lunense and Proconnesian marble) was composed of a two-step architrave topped by three mouldings (cavetto, ovolo and astragal) with the roof covered in gold-plated bronze tiles.

Our VR scene takes place during the 1st century AD (5.30 pm on the 21st of June to be precise). The first scene takes place on the southeast corner of the temple, with a street level view of the temple, while the second places the observer in the portico of the temple, on the northeast corner. Both scenes give a modern viewer a greater sense of scale and detail.

Easy to use

All that is needed for this cutting edge VR experience is a smartphone and a VR headset. We recommend purchasing a Google Cardboard, which retails for about $15 USD.

Worldwide applications

Whether you’re an archaeology student learning about the ancient world, or an intrepid traveller backpacking through modern day Italy, this app is the perfect way to get in touch with the ancient world.


Thoroughly researched

Every detail has been approved by a team of professional archaeologists to ensure accuracy. For this reason, the app can be considered not only for entertainment purposes but also as a useful educational tool.


Street level

You are at street level on the southeast corner of the temple. Directly in front of you is an immense podium with 9 arches, supporting the temple. The upper portion of the temple (including column capitals, architrave, entablature, frieze, cornice, and pediment) can also be seen. At your feet is a stone pavement with a series of close fitting stones and a lined street boarder.

In front of the temple

You are now standing in front of the main entrance to the temple. Look up to see the grand scale of the Corinthian columns. Constructed from Proconnesian marble, these columns support the weight of the roof structure.

The portico

Positioned on the northeast corner of the temple, you are now shaded from the harsh summer sun. You are surrounded by a forest of columns that stretch to a vaulted ceiling. A bronze door leading to the inner section of the temple is also seen to your right.

Temple exterior

You have now stepped back into the sunlight. Directly in front of you is a row of granite Egyptian columns. Trees are positioned to the left to obstruct the view of surrounding buildings. Take note of the stone work on the floor.


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