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Lithodomos VR’s mission is to bring the ancient world to life for everyone. Founded in 2016, we are archaeologists, artists, and software developers who work to provide our customers with educational, entertaining, engaging, awe-inspiring virtual reality experiences.

Our content is distributed globally on all major VR platforms including the App Store, Google Play, Oculus, and Viveport. Our clients include tour operators, museums, and educators from all over the world, spanning Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.

Dr. Simon J. Young

Dr. Simon J. Young

Co-Founder and CEO - PhD, MA Archaeology

Simon is a Classical archaeologist. He focusses his research on: city planning, building types and their evolution, questions of social identity and the difficulties in defining ancient identity. He also actively engages with 3D technology, its applications to archaeology through the use of photogrammetry, 3D printing, as well as developing virtual reality environments.

Tony Simmons

Co-Founder and COO

Tony focusses on delivering outstanding value and results for clients. Tony started his career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, working on new ventures for both Telstra and British Telecom. He then founded a global telco software company that was acquired by an ASX listed company. Tony’s projects have been awarded Best Software Product and Product Excellence in the 2015 Australian Business Awards.

Tony Simmons
Mariette Barnard

Mariette Barnard

General Manager - B.Sc. Honours Mathematics

Mariette has an Honours degree in Mathematics with more than 5 years experience in Operational Management. She started her career as an Analyst at PwC and moved into Operational Management and Service Delivery Management which she is immensely passionate about. She has always been intrigued by VR and is excited about using her skills to help Lithodomos VR clients to grow their businesses.

Dr. M. Hamdi Kan

Co-Founder - PhD Archaeology, M.Sc. Classical Archaeology

As an archaeologist, M. Hamdi Kan believes that archaeology should rely on emerging technological applications for both data production and documentation, as traditional methods are no longer satisfying nor productive. He has implemented 3D modeling, animation and photogrammetry methods in archaeological field work since 2002.

Dr. M. Hamdi Kan

Bernardo Iraci

3D Artist

Bernardo is a 3D graphic artist. After earning a degree in Economics he cultivated his passion for animation, learning various aspects of 3D technology. He is comfortable with a wide range of disciplines within 3D content creation, and his passion for technology helps him to learn new ways and techniques to create 3D content and animations for Lithodomos VR. He loves the quest to allow us relive the emotion of standing in the middle of breath taking ancient structures in their full former glory.

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Dr. Alexander Donald

Archaeologist - PhD, Late Bronze Age Mediterranean art and archaeology

Alex has long been captivated by the ancient world: studying ancient history and fine art before pursuing a PhD in Archaeology. Graduating in 2016, his research focuses predominantly on the art and archaeology of ancient Mediterranean civilisations. Alex is happy to be able to share his interest with a wider audience: translating plans and maps into real spaces with the power of VR.


Dr. Emanuele Casagrande Cicci

Archaeologist - PhD, MA Roman Archaeology; Archaeology of the Roman Provinces

Trained as a Roman Classical archaeologist (Sapienza University of Rome), Emanuele’s research speciality lies in the field of Roman Archaeology and Architecture, Digital Humanities, Laserscanning, Remote Sensing. His focus is on Roman Architecture with particular regard to the ancient building techniques, the topography of the ancient settlements, the structure-from-motion Photogrammetry and the 3D modelling. He participated to several excavations outside and inside Italy with particular regards to Turkey (Roman province of Cilicia) and Oman (Khor Rori archaeological park). He has practical experience with teams of different nationalities and backgrounds and is at home collaborating within academic environments as a specialist.


João Paulo Lacerda

3D Artist

João Paulo has a degree in IT and is a 3D genius. During his professional career he has learned about every step of animated movie production but his passion lies in the modeling of organic and non-organic objects and characters. He has also participated in many game projects as art director and as a 3D artist. He loves virtual reality and believes that reconstructing elements of the past as part of LVR’s team is primarily a great opportunity in itself, but also a great source of learning and culture for everyone.


Lluc Romaní Brasó

3D Artist

Lluc is a passionate artist with more than 6 years of experience working in film, advertising, TV animated shows and computer games. The opportunity to work in a VR project involving lots of archaeological research was very attractive to him since the very beginning. For Lluc, working at Lithodomos VR brings a perfect opportunity to grow personally and professionally and help the scientific community to research and communicate in this new virtual medium that VR brings.


Karam Kattan

3D Artist

Karam has always had a passion for 3D environments, lighting and Blender. His passion grew as he worked for a number of years producing architectural visualization and promotional videos. Karam is excited about Lithodomos VR as it brings the ancient world to life through 3D development.


Marc Pérez Bernús

Demonstrator/Customer Liaison

Marc is an electronic engineering student and has a passion for emerging technologies coupled with a strong drive for business. He is excited to be part of the Lithodomos VR journey as it represents a mix of the ancient world and the incredible potential for the future. Marc is always ready to share his excitement about Lithodomos VR with prospective partners.


Tom Keep

Research Assistant - B.AS. Hons Psychology, Graduate Diploma of Classics and Archaeology

Tom is a convert from psychology to archaeology, with an interest in understanding the minds and feelings of ancient peoples. Tom is currently undertaking a graduate diploma of classics and archaeology at the University of Melbourne, and is excited at the potential VR offers to emotionally experience historical landscapes as never before possible.


Alex Rose

Marketing Director

With a bachelor’s degree in Physics, Alex understands new technology on a technical level and is excited by the potential of virtual reality. He is passionate about all things marketing and loves helping businesses grow. To him, Lithodomos VR means a revolution in the way people learn about the ancient world.


Mitch Schwartz

Marketing Coordinator

As marketing coordinator Mitchell works to connect the capabilities of our company with the organisations that can best benefit from them. Mitchell uses his marketing experience and expertise to help clients understand the possibilities that this new and innovative technology can bring. His passion for marketing is perfectly matched by his passion for technology, helping virtual reality to continue its rapid growth and integration into society.

"In less than a year, our VR tour has become one of our most popular offerings." Nikos Sarafidis, Scooterise

"Our Museum’s virtual reality exhibit gives the visitor a unique opportunity to be transported to another place, and to change the perception of things like time and space. Lithodomos VR has been quintessential to this mission. Our visitors have loved using Lithodomos VR to relive moments and places in history, and to use these reconstructions of these ancient sites as a way to imagine themselves in the past." Nadia Hamid, Living Computers: Museum + Labs

"Our Museum’s virtual reality exhibit gives the visitor a unique opportunity to be transported to another place, and to change the perception of things like time and space. Lithodomos VR has been quintessential to this mission. Our visitors have loved using Lithodomos VR to relive moments and places in history, and to use these reconstructions of these ancient sites as a way to imagine themselves in the past." Nadia Hamid, Living Computers: Museum + Labs

"Lithodomos VR's innovative work with VR technology is the future of education."

Professor Angela Ndalianis, University of Melbourne

"Lithodomos VR have been great collaborators in our research. The app of the Paphos theatre 3D model has enhanced our impact reach and has been of enormous benefit in both public outreach activities and scholarly presentation of our archaeological investigations."

Craig Barker, Director Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project

"Using Lithodomos VR’s self-guided app on-site was an amazing experience and one I would recommend to anyone. Seeing the VR reconstruction overlaid on top of the modern day ruins is unforgettable."

Alex Rose

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