A lesson in making history fun for all

Our VR experiences of the ancient world are perfect learning tools for history classrooms and lecture theatres. Students open the smartphone app, put on the goggles, and their voyage into the past begins. But the educational application is by no means limited to the confines of the classroom nor to its students. We have a whole host of clients and partners who are using VR to bring history to life in different learning environments all around the world.

We typically think of ‘education’ as the learning experience that takes place at school or university. But the truth is, education is an ongoing learning experience that spans a full lifetime. We are absorbing new information all the time, every day, whether through conversing with colleagues, watching the news, reading a novel, or simply looking out of the window of a train.

Then there are the more direct educational experiences that we subject ourselves to – art galleries, museum exhibitions, conferences, conventions, and travelling. It’s in these environments – where people intentionally seek and expose themselves to new information – that our VR experiences can have the biggest impact, enhancing the learning experience immensely through cutting-edge technology.

Let’s take a look at the travel application. You might be a couple visiting Greece, keen to add a historical element to your holiday. Or you could be orchestrating a class history trip to the city’s Roman ruins. Either way, everyone is open to exploring the ancient world – everyone is a student. And while a good deal of history can be learned by looking at the preserved ruins, when the real-life site is coupled with a geo-mapped VR experience, a whole new level of learning can be accessed – one that is immediately more engaging and ultimately more memorable.

greece olympia VR

Immersed in our interactive VR world, the ruins can be seen for what they were in their ancient glory, and history can essentially be experienced in the present. Visiting Olympia will no longer be fueled by imagination, but enhanced by accurate recreations of the ancient site of the birthplace of the Olympic Games. It is also accompanied by an informative audio guide that lets you know exactly what you’re looking at, much like a teacher would. Out of the lecture theatre and into the 3D-modelled amphitheatre!

We have already partnered with travel companies big and small who are utilising our VR technology to create exciting tours for their customers, such as Krug Travel in Croatia, Italy Segway Tours in Rome, Around and About Bath in the UK, and Scooterise in Athens. And, of course, those tourists who have their own VR headset (a simple Google Cardboard device will do), can access most of our material themselves.

On-site VR experiences are a personal favourite of ours here at Lithodomos VR, but we know that not everyone has the freedom to be able to travel the world. The intentional, curious sort of learning that people open themselves up to when visiting a museum creates the perfect moment for introducing an educational VR experience. We have already partnered with a number of museums around the globe to help them enhance their offering and bring a new level of entertainment to their exhibitions. A couple of weeks ago our Ancient Jerusalem experience formed part of an exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Australia. Used in conjunction with the exhibition’s real-life artefacts, descriptive stories and physical recreations, the VR experience is an incredible learning tool.

The easy accessibility of our VR experiences, requiring only a smartphone and a VR headset, means that anyone can take a vicarious voyage to the ancient world from wherever they are. Travelling overseas or even travelling to your local museum will definitely propel the educational benefits, but if you prefer to explore in your pyjamas, that’s certainly a possibility.

Whether you are museum-loving history fiend, a successful tour operator, a history teacher, or you just want to do some geeky bedtime exploring, there’s a world of opportunity to enjoy VR learning outside of the classroom. And the more VR experiences we create, the more sites around the world will be transformed into enhanced educational holiday destinations (both physical and digital), breeding a new generation of VR tourism that is driven by a passion for history.  

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