Listen… can you hear the virtual reality?

When you hear virtual reality, you might think of an immersive visual experience that transports you to a fantasy land of some description. In the case of Lithodomos VR, that fantasy land exists on planet earth, or at least it did thousands of years ago, and it is often accompanied by an audio experience.

With timely sound effects and a friendly audio guide talking you through your other-worldly experience, both the sense of escaping to an alternate reality and the opportunity for learning are immediately enhanced.

It will come as no shock to learn that the first function of our audio guide is to lead you through the experience. The realism and accuracy of our historical recreations can be overwhelming for newcomers, so having someone offering helpful guidance is a welcome addition to an otherwise entirely foreign, and in our case ancient, experience.

But the guide isn’t just there to point you in the right direction. It’s also there to enhance the educational element. We take great pride in the fact that every detail in our VR recreations has been modelled with historical and archaeological accuracy – and we want you to know about it! We don’t just want you to be able to gaze up at a reconstructed statue of Apollo, we want you to understand that the beautiful stone creature you’re looking at is one of the most important and complex deities in Greek and Roman religion and mythology.

Our highly qualified archaeological team works hard to craft stories and write scripts that support and enhance our VR experiences in an engaging and timely manner. With all the right information cued through your headphones at just the right time, experiencing our VR worlds becomes more than just having fun – it becomes a chance to enjoy cutting-edge technology while also gaining a deep understanding of the rich history of ancient sites around the world.

A great example of how we have made use of introducing audio to the visual journey is in our Ancient Athens experience. For this site, we have recreated cultural icons including the Acropolis, Parthenon and Athenian Agora, digitally restoring them to their original splendour and glory for anyone with a VR headset and smartphone to see. Add a pair of headphones, and upon virtually entering the Acropolis, you are given the chance to interact with historic artefacts and hear their individual stories in wonderful detail.

As you make your way through the entire VR journey, you’ll learn about the very foundations of democracy by engaging with history’s greatest philosophers. You’ll visit music halls and grand temples and use the audio guide to unlock their fascinating stories of art, culture and ancient civilisation.

By introducing audio in this manner, mapped thoughtfully to the visual elements of the experience, we have created a truly interactive world for exploring and learning. And of course, the fact that every detail of our audio accompaniment has been researched, approved, and backed-up by archaeological evidence, means you can be sure that everything you hear translates to real knowledge that you can take away from the experience.