A new website to deliver the Lithodomos VR experience

Given the combination of history, technology, and the pure enjoyment of disappearing into an ancient world for a while, it’s no surprise that a wide range of people visit our website. They include people from the tech, education and tourism industries from around the world, as well as a huge group of people simply fascinated by virtual reality and its many applications. To meet this increased interest we have just upgraded our website, to give our visitors a real taste of the Lithodomos VR experience before the headset even goes on.

Our new website is highly interactive and fully immersive, offering a wealth of information on our advanced VR technology, our profound historical and archaeological expertise, and the result of having combined the two together.

We wanted visitors to immediately understand the value of our product’s application and thus incorporated a number of exciting case studies featuring a diverse range of clients.

Tour guides can now envision how our product would uplift their offering, historians can appreciate the painstaking detail and accuracy gone into every ancient recreation, and tech experts can explore the futuristic intricacies of our work.

Our enhanced content, including videos, testimonials and bespoke user journeys, is delivered through a responsive and streamlined UX that makes it easy to discover whichever side of the Lithodomos VR offering interests you.

With the website up to standard, we look forward to taking on the exciting year ahead and showing you more of the amazing projects we have coming up around the globe.

We’ll update our website with new projects and case studies every now and then, but to keep up with the latest news from Lithodomos VR, make sure you follow us on social. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.