The ‘wow’ effect of VR

Every time I hand over the VR headset to a new user, there is a sense of wonder and excitement of this new technology. Some cautionary questions arise during this first encounter: Will I get nauseas? Will I be able to see without my glasses? Does this thing shoot out lasers?

However, the only statement exclaimed by all is ‘wow’ as the headset is lowered and the user steps back into the past. Everyone has been amazed by the scale of the buildings, the detail of the reconstruction, and the transformative effect that VR can have. It is truly an immersive world, often out of reach of the modern observer. Only ever perceived through the page, in the history books; or on the screen, through a television series. But people want more. They want to be inside the building, not just looking at a plan.

No matter where I show people the app: the office, around university, at the bar, they all have the same opening line: wow. Virtual reality has the ability to transport people into another time. It is our job at Lithodomos VR to transport people back to the classical world and give them what they deserve: an experience that isn’t just educational, but enlightening.

Simon J. Young