Tourism and tech – a perfect fit

Technological advancements are constantly changing traditional industries, and tourism is no different. Tourism has undergone significant evolution in recent decades due to the emergence of the internet, the shift towards online travel agents like Expedia, and in recent years the massive growth in usage of travel review websites such as TripAdvisor. Tour operators are constantly looking to stay up to date, placing emphasis on the implementation of mobile and social media experiences to appeal to wider audiences and millennials. Virtual reality is the natural evolution of this mobile experience.

Virtual reality has become a robust and consumer-ready experience, with mobile VR headsets available from major companies like Google and Samsung, and is now perfectly placed to appeal to the younger people that make up 20% of the world’s tourists.

The potential of virtual reality lies in its ability to provide a totally immersive experience, as well as allowing audiences to actively engage with and explore worlds that existed thousands of years ago. Rather than replacing the existing experiences provided to tourists, virtual reality complements them. Fundamentally, tourists are searching for the best possible experience, which is why we at Lithodomos VR are eager for people to see our creations.

Mitch Schwartz
Marketing Coordinator
Lithodomos VR