Tourism is changing

If “necessity is the mother of invention” then innovators and early adopters are her grandchildren. While Virtual Reality is by no means a new invention, innovators have only just begun to raise their head-mounted viewing displays above their gaming consoles to peer outside an industry that kept virtual reality alive during the glitchy years. Thanks to the zealous gamer, VR technology has improved, costs have decreased and a multitude of industries are realising the myriad of possible applications outside of the gaming industry.

One such industry is tourism. With a customer base of ‘explorers of strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, boldly going where no wo/man has gone before,’ the traveller is not too dissimilar to the gamer. As a result, tourism operators who understand their client base, understand that conventional tourism products work best when served with a twist, an add-on as adventurous as their customer.

Early adopters are always one step ahead of the competition. It’s the early adopters who strive to give their clients the best available experience, not just to attract new business but because the heart of every good tour operator beats with the desire to share new experiences.

Next time you are out and about in ancient ruins, keep an eye out for Lithodomos VR.

Ulli Maas
International Tourism Manager