We brought the Olympic Games birthplace back to life in VR

With the Winter Olympics well underway in PyeongChang, global sports fans are turning their sights to the world’s best athletes, and developers around the globe are developing new tech to enhance the experience. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to contribute something too, and recreated ancient Olympia in Greece, the ancient birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

With our new VR experience of Olympia, for the first time ever, you can use your phone and a VR headset to travel through time and immerse yourself in history to experience what the Olympic Stadium looked like at the time of the very first Olympics.

The tour version of our Olympia VR experience has been mapped out using geo-data with complete accuracy and precision. This allows tourists who are in Greece exploring the sacred places around Olympia to don the headset and see before them exactly what they would have seen thousands of years ago, from the exact place they are standing.

While enhancing tourism is a core focus of our mission, we are just as passionate about education and entertainment. Students in classrooms or people at home anywhere in the world can also download our Olympia VR app and make a vicarious visit to Ancient Olympia.

The app will allow you to see historically accurate recreations of the Olympic Stadium, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Hera, and many other beautiful monuments and buildings including sporting arenas and statue-filled fields. You’ll explore these cultural icons in all of their restored glory and you can even interact with historical artefacts to hear their stories via the educational audio guide.

Every detail in the immersive experience has been thoroughly researched and is backed up by archaeological evidence. So whether you’re planning to visit Olympia, you’re studying Greek history in the classroom, or you’re keen to take your first foray into VR, our VR tour of Olympia is the best way to turn back time and understand the profound history of the site where the modern Olympic Games were born.

Download the Lithodomos VR Olympia app now from the App Store or Google Play.