Where the ancient world meets technology

As an archaeologist, conserver and researcher, a deep passion for the past has led me to spend considerable time and effort studying and working with ancient sites. Graphical representations of archaeological remains are something I have grown used to working with, both in the documentation of archaeological work and in conservation. I have also become familiar with city plans and graphic building reconstructions, and even physical and digital reconstructions of archaeological remains, which can enhance one’s understanding of the archaeological record like nothing else.

Archaeology and the Conservation of Cultural Heritage has undergone significant evolution over the past few years; a result of multiple factors. The rapid growth in cultural tourism worldwide has made it more important than ever to be able to effectively display, preserve, and teach people about ancient sites. And yet, considerable excavation and planning is required in order to preserve archaeological remains, due to the stresses they receive while being unearthed. Unfortunately, war and conflict has also become an important factor for many archaeologists.

Worldwide, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to the implementation of 3D reconstructions in museums and archaeological sites, which serve to so effectively introduce the public to the ancient world, increase visitor numbers, and ignite passions for archaeology and history. These projects are usually undertaken by technically skilled teams without a background in archaeology. The result is a technically proficient reconstruction that lacks archaeological accuracy. What I love most about Lithodomos VR is that it sees the accuracy of its reconstructions as paramount. For this reason, it is perhaps the only company in which archaeologists and 3D modellers collaborate at such depth.

Being a member of the LVR team is fascinating experience, as the company lies at the intersection of such disparate industries. It is where the ancient world meets technology; where virtual reality meets archaeology. Although our team’s skill sets are all so varied, we have no difficulty working together cohesively, as we are united by a common goal – to bring the ancient world to life for everyone.

Sara Díaz Ramos